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We offer a variety of business lists, including business leads, company executives, and more.

Fortune Contacts is a well-known provider of email lists that are specifically tailored to your industry, we offer a wide variety of lists, including contact lists, business leads, and more, all of our lists are up to date and verified, so you can be sure that you’re reaching your target audience.



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100% Opt-in Contacts

100% Verified Data

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Competitive Prices

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Our Data Collection Process


Data Collection

The first step in verification is to collect the data from reliable sources. Our team of experts reaches out to schools, education department officials, and other relevant sources to get the most authentic data

Data Validation

Once the data is collected, the team at Fortune Contacts verifies the authenticity of the data and then stores it in our database.

Data cleansing

The next step is to cleanse the data collected for errors and inconsistencies. Our team cleanses the data meticulously to remove any duplicate entries and errors.

Data Mapping

The data is mapped and matched to the required fields. The data is then stored in our database.

Data Matching

The next step is to match the data with other databases to check its accuracy. We compare our data with other well-known databases to cross-check its accuracy.

Data Verification:

The last step is to verify the data. Our team verifies the data to get it ready for direct sales campaigns.


Frequently Asked Questions


After research on email marketing, 81% of businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and isn’t a new technology, In fact, it was one of the very first means of digital communication to arrive back in 1971. But get this: Email marketing : at 50 years old : is used today more than ever before.
Finally, what makes email marketing so powerful and lucrative is that it gives you direct, individual access to your audience’s inboxes.

All the contacts are harvested organically; we attend trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and magazine subscription and more.

We are one of the very few data sellers that offers a “written” data replacement guarantee. This means that if you ever find any errors in our data, we will replace it for you free of charge. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality data available.

Once we get all those data we send it to our in-house team. There are 180+ employees who work on data to verify all those contacts by sending out emails (Call if required) to verify whether the person is still exists in the same company with the same job title, once all the data is verified, we add it to our master data base by removing duplicates and sell it to our clients.

We do not share/provide any information of our client’s.

However, we do not provide any personal information of the prospects. all the information will be related to their business and also your email/call will be related to business approach. Thus, you can use our list for email marketing/cold calling/physical mailing etc.


What they are saying about us

Fortune Contacts team is quick to respond, accurately assesses our needs, proactively reaches out and always gives us great pricing. Fortune Contacts makes my job easier with their list!



CEO & Founder

I proper to continue using your List and Campaign Service, Since we received the best results, Thanks to Fortune Contacts and Team.

Melina Watts

Melina Watts


The list quality is amazing and we look forward to working with your company in the future as well.

Kendall Karlis

Kendall Karlis

Marketing Head

We have been using Fortune Contacts for approximately 3 years and we always receive our lists very quickly. Customer service is always friendly and helpful.

Peter Brandon

Peter Brandon

Procurement Manager

I have worked with Fortune Contacts many times through the years for my accounting firm. The lists are always up-to-date and their customer service is fantastic!

Carolyn Darden

Carolyn Darden

Business Development

I'm truly shocked at how impressive the data performed. We have tried many data sources and ended up with no/less success. Experience with Fortune Contacts and their list is far exceeded my expectations!

Mason Gordon

Mason Gordon

Sales Manager

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